On this page, you will find different methods of getting in touch with the HDS team.


If you are making a feature request, please refer to the Contributing page. If you are making a bug report, read about reporting issues below.


If you’ve got a question or a suggestion, you can get in touch with the team by email. Our address is Messages will be answered by the HDS team as soon as possible.

Slack channels

HDS team members can also be reached in the #designsystem Slack channel in the City of Helsinki Slack.

Issues and features

Submitting an issue

You can submit issues and bug reports to HDS repository in GitHub.

Feature requests

You can submit feature requests to HDS repository in GitHub. You can also get in touch with HDS team with any of the above-mentioned methods.


See Contributing.

HDS V1 documentation

Looking for HDS V1 documentation? Find it here: HDS V1 documentation.