Selection group allows grouping related form selection elements (such as Checkboxes) to each other.



Selection group
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  • Currently, Selection group can contain either Checkboxes or Radio buttons.
    • If the user can select more than one option from a list, use checkboxes.
    • If the user can only select one option from a list, use radio buttons.
  • Default option must be set for Radio button groups. For Checkbox groups, this is recommended.
  • Visible label must be given to the Selection group. The label should be clear and describe the choice the user is about to make.
  • Selection group can be aligned both vertically and horizontally. Vertical alignment is recommended. Horizontal alignment can be used when there are less than 4 options.
    • Note that horizontal Selection groups must not span to multiple lines.


Vertical group

Vertical selection group is the recommended way to present grouped form controls. Vertical checkbox groups are generally easier to perceive and read.

Vertical group

Horizontal group

Horizontal selection group can be used in situations where there are only a few (less than 4) options. Otherwise, a vertical alignment is recommended.

Horizontal group