The City of Helsinki favicon is used in digital services to identify the site window, tab or web app.

The favicon consists of the letter H framed by the shape derived from the city crest. The favicon should only be used for the site window, tab or web app. For general use the Logo should be used instead.

Do not attempt to recreate the favicon! Always use the original files found in the Favicon kit included in HDS releases.

Note: The City of Helsinki logo is a registered trademark.


Official City of Helsinki services must always show the City of Helsinki favicon:

  • Sitewide, in the browser website title
  • Web app's app icon
  • Use the same favicon variant consistently, the default is the light theme and for dark themes the dark theme



The Helsinki framed favicon is primarily used in with a transparent background. On modern browsers the icon changes color automatically according to web browser theme.


There are two variations of the favicon with specific purposes.

  • Light favicon package Black favicon assets are used on light backgrounds.
  • Dark favicon package White favicon assets are used on dark backgrounds.


  1. Use the Github download link provided below to download the HDS Favicon kit.

  2. Unzip the archive and follow instructions in the README.md in the folder.

For example:

Note All favicons and app icons have a specific purpose, but you are by no means required to use all of them.


The favicon for the City of Helsinki digital services is a minimised version of the Helsinki logo. Various favicons are available as a downloadable ZIP package.

You can download the latest HDS Favicon kit from the HDS GitHub repository.