Versioning in HDS

HDS follows Semver versioning. This page describes HDS practices which versions are supported and what is considered breaking changes.

Which versions are supported?

HDS supports the current and one previous major version. Older versions are not supported anymore. We recommend updating to the latest version.

What is considered a breaking change?

Breaking change can occur either in design or implementation or in both.


These are breaking changes

  • if a released component is removed completely
  • width of the released component changes (causing other elements to flow to a new row)
  • typography changes (e.g. font-size, font-weight, letter-spacing ) on already existing styles
  • changing spacing outside the element (margins)
  • overridable elements are changed/removed (this causes overrides to be reset in component instances)
  • color token values are changed

These are not breaking changes

  • component structure is updated (e.g. layer order) but nothing is removed
  • changing padding inside the element, so that the outside stays the same size
  • symbol name or symbol hierarchy is changed
  • layer names are changed
  • border radius is changed
  • (default) color is changed inside the component
  • elevation of the component is changed


These are breaking changes

  • properties are removed completely
  • renaming existing components or properties
  • changes in the component box model affecting how the components align with each other or the width of the element
  • if it is a breaking change in design, it most likely is also in the implementation
  • updating dependency so that previous versions are not supported anymore

These are not breaking changes

  • new optional properties or features are added
  • bug fixes that don’t change the names of the properties or remove functionality
  • marking something deprecated. It will a become breaking change when it is actually removed